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Grid expansion at 50Hertz

The pace of the grid expansion determines the pace of the energy transition. One of the purposes of the high voltage grid is to transport renewable energy to the centres of consumption and to balance out fluctuations in power generation.

To ensure the security of supply, we are currently planning the construction of several new overhead power lines with an extra high voltage level of 380 kV. Here, you can closely follow the current progress of these projects.

Grid expansion projects

  • Existing grid
  • Planning stage
  • Approval stage
  • Under construction / completed
  • Power plants
  • Substations / Switching stations
  • Substations / Switching stations (not 50Hertz)

Compensations for municipalities

Compensations for municipalities

50Hertz financially compensates municipalities that are directly affected by the grid expansion for the resulting inconvenience. The conditions for these payments are determined in the Electricity Network Charges Ordinance (Stromnetzentgeltverordnung or StromNEV, §5(4)). In doing so, 50Hertz compensates the negative effects felt by citizens as a result of the transmission system's expansion required in the scope of the energy transition.
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European platform

European platform

How can the grid expansion support the integration of renewable energy? Answers to this question are provided on a European platform: the Renewables Grid Initiative.

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