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  • 04.08.2017

    PICASSO Project: Further development in integration of European balancing market

    In July 2017, eight transmission system operators (TSOs) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the design, implementation and operation of a platform for common activation of automatic Frequency Restoration Reserves (aFRR platform) in order to, among others, integrate their aFRR balancing markets. The project name PICASSO stands for “Platform for the International Coordination of the Automatic frequency restoration process and Stable System Operation”. The eight involved TSOs are the Belgian TSO Elia, which is coordinating the project, the Austrian TSO APG, the Dutch TSO Tennet, the French TSO RTE and the German TSOs – 50Hertz, Amprion, Tennet, TransnetBW.

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  • 02.08.2017

    Transmission system operator 50Hertz presents 2017 mid-year statement

    Today, 50Hertz, the transmission system operator responsible for Northern and Eastern Germany, presented its business figures for the first half of 2017. Especially the continued investments of the system operator have increased the turnover (+ 4.1 %) and together with the simultaneously reduced costs lead to an increased result of 86.7 million EUR (+ 16.8 %).

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  • 01.06.2017

    Good Practice of the Year Award for 50Hertz “DialogMobil”

    Praiseworthy: today, June 1st 2017, the mobile information office of electricity transmission system operator 50Hertz – the so-called “DialogMobil” – received the Good Practice of the Year Award from the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI). As a mobile information office, the “DialogMobil” provides local residents with a varied information and participation offer Especially the innovative and committed participation achieved by the “DialogMobil” was praised at the award ceremony in Copenhagen.

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  • 30.05.2017

    50Hertz terminates balance responsible agreement with CityEnergy24 eG

    On 29 May 2017 at 24:00 o´clock, Transmission System Operator 50Hertz terminated its balance responsible agreement with electricity supplier CityEnergy24 eG, having its offices in Delitzsch (Saxony). The reasons are the EEG advance payments of several months that are due and which CityEnergy24 eG did not settle or did not settle in full. The customers of the company will continue to be supplied with electricity despite the termination. From now on, they will receive their electricity from their local default provider. For contractual details, consumers can turn to local consumer advice centres.

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  • 02.05.2017

    Transmission System Operators publish second drafts of grid development plans 2030

    The transmission system operators (TSO) 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW submitted the second drafts of the Grid Development Plan (GDP) 2030, version 2017 and the Offshore Grid Development plan (O-GDP) 2030, version 2017 to the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur – BNetzA) today, and published them at www.netzentwicklungsplan.de.

    • Consultation contributions addressed the basic process and regional concerns
    • FRP 2015 measures are robust in GDP 2030

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  • 28.04.2017

    50Hertz publishes first Sustainability Report

    50Hertz published its first and extensive report on its activities in sus-tainability management today. Titled “Sustainability Report 2016 - Our Respon-sibility”, the transmission system operator responsible for the north and east of Germany provides a transparent and comprehensive insight into its sustainability activities. 50Hertz simultaneously published its annual report for 2016 as well as the Almanac 2016 with a lot of interesting data, facts and figures.

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  • 07.04.2017

    Project MARI: 19 European transmission system operators establish cooperation for manual Frequency Recovery Reserve platform

    On 5 April 2017, 19 transmission system operators (TSOs) signed a letter of intent for the planning, implementation and the operation of a platform for common activation of manual Frequency Recovery Reserve (mFRR). The objective is to develop a common proposal for an European platform to exchange mFRR. The project name MARI stands for Manually Activated Reserves Initiative.

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  • 13.03.2017

    Transmission system operator 50Hertz presents 2016 balance sheet

    As last year, share of renewable energy in consumption of electricity within 50Hertz area at almost 50 per cent / High volume of electricity ex-ported from the north-east / Considerable reduction in congestion management costs mainly thanks to grid development / 737 million EUR invested in grid development and conversion / Strong result of 128 million EUR

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  • 21.02.2017

    50Hertz clarifies corridor proposal between Röhrsdorf and Weida

    50Hertz delivers a positive summary of both project conferences for the replacement of the 380 kV power line Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf. "After the intensive consultation ahead of the federal sector planning, today’s project conference by the Bundesnetzagentur in Altenburg took place in a very constructive setting", concluded project supervisor Elke Korn. "Many of the participants supported our proposal to keep the corridor of the existing line."

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  • 17.01.2017

    Electricity flows between 50Hertz (Germany) and CEPS (Czech Republic) are regulated by phase-shifting transformers

    The Czech transmission system operator CEPS has put into service two of the four phase shifting transformers (transformers with phase angle regulation) at the Hradec u Kadane substation. The commissioning was implemented in two steps at the beginning of January and last Friday. Since January 13, dispatchers thus can better regulate the electricity flows on one of the two lines connecting the system with the eastern part of Germany, keeping them within safety limits. The German transmission system operator 50Hertz is planning to launch similar devices at the Röhrsdorf substation in the second half of this year.

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  • 16.01.2017

    France joins international cooperation for frequency containment reserve

    The first successful cross-border auction for frequency containment reserve (FCR) in cooperation with the French transmission system operator RTE took place on 10 January. This was announced by transmission system operators 50Hertz, Amprion, APG, Elia, RTE, Swissgrid, TenneT and TransnetBW. The weekly joint call for tenders for frequency containment reserve now includes Belgian, German, Dutch, Austrian, Swiss and for the first time French control power suppliers.

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