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University cooperation & scientific advisory board

Cooperation with universities and colleges as well as other scientific institutes, and the regular exchange with our scientific advisory board are important elements for the advancement of innovations at 50Hertz.

University cooperation

For 50Hertz, cooperation with German and international universities is an important factor. They help us meet the future challenges that transmission system operators face.

Our daily activities benefit from scientific know-how. Likewise, we share our practical experience with research institutes.

50Hertz regularly asks institutes of higher education to perform studies and carry out projects to shed a scientific light on strategically important themes. In return, 50Hertz employees participate in guest lectures and speeches. Furthermore, we rely on our network of professors for our yearly conferences.

Scientifiy advisory board of 50Hertz

For the regular exchange between science and practice, 50Hertz has established a panel where it exchanges ideas on current themes once to twice a year. During these exchanges, particular themes from the field of energy technology, energy industry and energy law are analysed, but broader subject areas, such as corporate ethics, can also be broached and discussed.
The advisory board currently consists of 17 honorary members.

During the most recent meetings, the following themes were discussed:

  • Capacity mechanisms / capacity markets
  • Acceptance
  • Electromobility
  • Corporate ethics
  • Offshore wind power

Here you can find an overview of the advisory board members.