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Grid Data

Vertical system load, wind energy, or forecast and actual generation output: Under the heading "Grid data", 50Hertz publishes system-relevant data for the transmission grid and the 50Hertz control area. This information is based on the Ordinance on Power System Access (StromNZV) that regulates the terms for feeding into electric systems and take-offs from them.

Priority to renewable energies

Priority to renewable energies

Renewable energies have the priority on conventional energies when feeding into the power grid. The level of feed-in from renewables does not only depend on the weather. As a consequence, it is not always easy to perform the control.

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Wind power feed-in

Wind power feed-in

Currently, the output of approx. 40 percent of Germany's installed wind power capacity is fed into the system of our company. In 2016, the installed wind power capacity was about 17,100 megawatts (MW). Forecasts assume the capacity to rise to some 21,000 MW till 2020.

Wind Power Key Data

Forecast and actual generation output

This page provides you with data on the forecast and actual generation output in the 50Hertz control area.

Grid feed-in

The grid infeed data is calculated as the sum of all power injected from compound transfer points, production units, and distribution grids into the transmission grid.

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EIC codes for DSO balancing areas are available on the website of Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft (BDEW)


A note on the data

All figures published on this page have been determined and made available by 50Hertz to the best of our ability. We accept no responsibility for their accuracy and completeness. Should technical or other reasons temporarily prevent determination or posting of these figures, 50Hertz will endeavour to re-enable posting of the figures as soon as possible. No liability will be accepted for any damage resulting from temporary non-availability or incorrectness of figures, except where damage has been caused through wilful intent.