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Check information before departure

Due to the cable-laying works, special conditions will apply for the shipping and fishing industries as well as for water sports in the Greifswalder Bodden area and coastal waters as of mid May 2016. For this reason, 50Hertz and the water police of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ask anyone visiting these waters to always check the most recent information before heading out in the interest of their own safety.
Cable Enterprise The CABLE ENTERPRISE, seen here during the loading of the first cable section, will lay the submarine cable in the deep water as from kilometre 39.

Information for ship navigation and water sports

The construction measures in the scope of the cable-laying works along the 90-kilometre offshore route section include the following:
  • Installation of the individual submarine cable sections by large, slowly moving special barges
  • Embedding the submarine cable into the seabed with cable jets or ploughs
  • Partially parallel installation in surface water (Lubmin landfall point until kilometre 39 / higher Prorer Wiek bay) and deep water (as of kilometre 39 up to the substation platform)
  • Selective dredging works immediately ahead of the cable and transport of the sediments the dumping area 551 (east of Usedom)
  • Positioning of the laying barges using anchors - use of up to two anchor-handling vessels and a survey vessel, a tug as well as a transport vessel

The water police especially advises to respect the following rules: 

  • Consistently adhere to the Maritime Shipping Lane Ordinance.
  • Comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Collision Regulations - Colregs).
  • Update nautical charts and rutters and keep them close at hand.
  • Instruct your crew on the planned navigated area and its special characteristics.
  • Travel at a safe speed and keep sufficient distance.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of the crews of the traffic safety vessels.

Emergency telephone numbers to call during an emergency at sea:

  • Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Bremen T +49 (421) 53687 0
  • Bremen Rescue at VHF channels 16 and 70 (DSC)
  • For all German mobile systems 1 24124
  • Emergency numbers T 110 and 112
  • Water police inspection (WSPI) Sassnitz T +49 (38392) 308-224
  • Water police inspection (WSPI) Stralsund T +49 (3831) 2614-224
  • Water police inspection (WSPI) Wolgast T +49 (3836) 2372-224


Do you have any questions? Please contact:

Dr. Danuta Kneipp

Head of Public participation

Dr. Danuta Kneipp
Tel: +49 30 5150-2198
Fax: +49 30 5150-3112
E-Mail: danuta.kneipp@50hertz.com

Info flyer

Info flyer

The info flyer "Ostwind 1 - submarine cable for Baltic Sea power" provides information on the special conditions for navigation and water sports that need to be taken into account during the cable laying works in the Baltic Sea.

Download flyer