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380-kV overhead line Pulgar-Vieselbach

In the scope of the expansion and retrofitting of the transmission grid in the northern and eastern part of Germany, 50Hertz plans the construction of a replacement 380 kV overhead line between the substations Pulgar near Leipzig (Saxony) and Vieselbach near Erfurt (Thuringia).

The objective of this grid reinforcement project is to increase the transmission capacity of the current extra high voltage line to make the green electricity generated in the north and east of Germany available to all German consumers. It should increase the current-carrying capacity of the 380 kV overhead line - which is already subject to high loads - by about 40 %. After commissioning of the new overhead line, the old 105 km long line will be disassembled.

The need for this measure was first confirmed by the Federal Network Agency in the 2012 Grid Development Plan. The legal basis for Project 13, as it is called, is the Federal Requirement Plan Act.

50Hertz is currently preparing the application for federal sector planning in accordance with §6 of the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act. The Federal Network Agency is the approving authority for this project.

380 kV overhead line Pulgar – Vieselbach The 380 kV overhead line between the substations Pulgar (Saxony) and Vieselbach (Thuringia)

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