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380-kV overhead line Perleberg – Wolmirstedt

New construction to increase current-carrying capacity: Perleberg – Stendal West – Wolmirstedt

50Hertz is planning the replacement of the available 220-kV line between Wolmirstedt and Güstrow with a current-carrying capacity of 1,070 amperes by a more powerful 380-kV line with a 3,600 ampacity. This is achieved through the construction and operation of a 106-kilometre-long 380-kV overhead line from substation Perleberg to substation Wolmirstedt, incorporating substation Stendal West. The existing 220 kV line from the 1950s (named after the "historical" direction of the current from south to north) is disassembled in the scope of the project. In many places, this happens before the new 380-kV line is constructed.

In addition to this replacement construction, conversion measures and new switchyards are needed in the connected substations. However, these are part of a separate project.

Perleberg-Wolmirstedt overhead line Perleberg-Wolmirstedt overhead line

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The project and its planning in detail.

Contact for Perleberg-Wolmirstedt 380-kV overhead line

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