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Public participation

SuedOstLink: continuous dialogue improves the planning results

All through the planning and approval procedure 50Hertz keeps close contact to the public. Different formats, tailored for the various dialogue partners, ensure continuous information about the project’s status, gives the chance for exchange of ideas and arguments and allows to collect valuable regional and local information. Main aim of all activities is to review and improve the planning results in order to identify corridors and routes, holistically considering environmental and social aspects.

In the public participation for SuedOstLink 50Hertz uses three main formats:

  • The “planning forum” (Planungsforum) gathers politicians, representatives from regional and local administration as well as experts from environmental or economical associations from the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia. The aim is not only to give first-hand insight into the planning process for SuedOstLink, but also to get direct feedback from an expert audience. Since summer 2016 three “planning forums” have taken place.

  • “Information markets” are put up in town halls of larger municipalities across the planning region. Town representatives as well as the broad public are invited to get an update on the project and to give feedback on the respective planning status. A tour of ten “information markets” has taken place in autumn 2017 – aim was to get feedback on identified route corridors in order to improve the planning before submission.

  • The format of the “info-tour” addresses the same groups as the “information markets”, but instead of town halls a modified lorry, the “DialogMobil”, is used open-air to join local markets days or be present in frequented pedestrian area. An “info-tour” was held in Spring 2017 to inform on the content of the submitted planning application for SuedOstLink.

Important: All events, the shown maps and material as well as the received feedback are documented on the SuedOstLink web-page

Contact for SuedOstLink

Do you have any questions about the project? Please contact:

Axel Happe

Public participation

Axel Happe
Tel: +49 30 5150-3414
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E-Mail: axel.happe@50hertz.com


Corridor grid: 50Hertz project area

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Corridor grid: 50Hertz project area Download

Overall corridor grid

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Overall corridor grid Zoom

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