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More transparency and public participation

The public interest in grid development has increased dramatically since the beginning of the energy transition. Especially those citizens who are affected by the expansion and conversion of the transmission system in their own direct environment want to know the exact course of a line construction project. For that reason, 50Hertz makes a particular effort to answer any questions that might pop up and meet the demand for dialogue concerning the project. Here you can find information:

  • on the principles 50Hertz applies in organising citizen dialogue on line construction projects and how this is realised;
  • on the possibilities offered by the authorisation procedures in order to participate in the planning and approval procedures;
  • explaining the difference between informal citizen dialogue measures and formal public participation;
  • explaining the meaning of financial public participation.
Bürgerbeteiligung Public participation


Dr. Danuta Kneipp

Head of Public participation

Dr. Danuta Kneipp
Tel: +49 30 5150-2198
Fax: +49 30 5150-3112
E-Mail: danuta.kneipp@50hertz.com