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50Hertz begins laying cable off Rügen island

50Hertz begins laying cable off Rügen island
Sassnitz – The first kilometres of the submarine cable that will connect the offshore wind farms Wikinger and Arkona to the grid are being installed. "We are happy that after our extensive and intensive preparations, we were able to start laying the first cable section in coastal waters on 3 June. This is another step forward for our Ostwind 1 project", said Dr Wolfgang Thießen, the project leader responsible for cable laying at 50Hertz.

The specialised ship Cable Enterprise, sailing under the British colours, will start laying cable at kilometre 39 of the route. In three weeks, it should have completed its work at kilometre 66. With its 27 kilometres, it is the longest of the four sections covering the total distance of 90 kilometres from Lubmin to the substation platform, which will be constructed to the west of the Adlergrund (see also image on page 2 of the PDF).

In early April, the special cable was loaded onto the Cable Enterprise at the Prysmian factory in Arco Felice near Naples, Italy. Prysmian is charged with both the production and the installation of the cable. The ship's next destination was Middlesbrough, England, after which it was towed to the Baltic Sea in late May. On 1 June, the final approvals were granted by 50Hertz in the port of Mukran (Sassnitz ferry port).

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