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Andalucía in the Baltic Sea

Andalucía in the Baltic Sea

Sassnitz – The offshore substation for the Wikinger offshore wind farm has arrived at its future position in the Baltic Sea. Since early last week, the engineers have constructed the three-part structure to the north of Rügen island, near the Adler Ground, as instructed by Iberdrola. The substation platform, which was baptised Andalucía in the Spanish city of Cádiz in early August, is intended for shared use by Iberdrola and 50Hertz.

All components of the offshore substation were manufactured at the Navantia shipyard in Cádiz (Spain). The substructure, the so-called jacket, began its journey to the Baltic Sea via transport barge on 10 August. A few days later, the barge with both topsides left for its destination in the Baltic Sea, 4,000 kilometres away.

When it arrived, the six-legged jacket was first placed on the foundation piles. The jacket and the previously installed piles were then connected using special concrete. After the concrete had hardened, both topsides were lifted onto the jacket and secured one after the other. The specialised crane ship Oleg Strashnov was active at the construction site for one week to install the three components of the substation platform.

After completion of the topside mounting works, the already installed components of the offshore substation - e.g. transformers, reactors, the gas-insulated switchgear and the control systems - are put into operation. At the same time, the export cable and the interior wind farm cables leading to the wind turbines are connected by 50Hertz.

In the future, the offshore substation will collect the energy generated by the wind turbines of the Wikinger wind farm, transform it from the 33-kV voltage level to the 220-kV voltage level and feed it into the 90-km long offshore cable to the 50Hertz onshore substation in Lubmin.

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