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State Secretary Baake gives go-ahead for WindNODE, the model region for smart energy in north-eastern Germany

State Secretary Baake gives go-ahead for WindNODE, the model region for smart energy in north-eastern Germany

Berlin – On 06/12/2016, State Secretary Rainer Baake presented the funding decision for the WindNODE partner project to its representatives gathered in Berlin. After two years of preparation, this represents the official start of the model region for smart energy in north-eastern Germany. In the next four years, some 50 project partners will work together on common solutions for the integration of large quantities of renewable energy in the power grids with maximum efficiency. WindNODE covers all six east German federated states, including Berlin, and received the patronage of the six prime ministers. The region is already a national forerunner for renewable energy: about half of the electricity it consumes is provided by wind and solar power and other renewable energy sources.

In addition to project coordinator 50Hertz, such companies as Siemens and Stromnetz Berlin and business developers like Berlin Partner, Energy Saxony and ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg determine the WindNODE strategy. Participants include energy suppliers, system operators and high-tech specialists, but also companies from the automotive industry, supply and waste disposal, real estate and retail as well as several universities and research institutes from the region. The three company representatives of the strategy team, Dr Dirk Biermann of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, Dr Frank Büchner of Siemens AG and Dr Erik Landeck of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH emphasised the importance of this partner project: "The success of the energy transition is not a one-man job. WindNODE offers an excellent platform for our many partners to jointly develop and test new smart solutions for the energy system of the tomorrow." WindNODE will launch the project on 26/01/2017 with a conference in Berlin.

WindNODE is part of the incentive scheme "Smart Energy Showcase - Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The objective is to develop as well as demonstrate scalable model solutions in large "showcase regions" for an eco-friendly, secure and affordable energy supply with a high share of renewable energy. Pivotal aspects are the smart networking of generation and consumption and the use of innovative grid technology and system operating concepts. The discovered solutions should serve as a model for a broader implementation. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs funds the five showcases with a grant of 200 million EUR in total. Together with the additional corporate investments, over 500 million EUR is invested in the digitalisation of the energy industry. As such, SINTEG is an important contribution to the digitalisation of the energy transition. The SINTEG showcases involve over 200 companies and other participants, for instance from the scientific world.

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