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50Hertz dismantling 50 kilometres of obsolete overhead lines in Magdeburg area

50Hertz dismantling 50 kilometres of obsolete overhead lines in Magdeburg area

Berlin – Transmission system operator 50Hertz is currently dismantling two disused high-voltage transmission lines in the Magdeburg area. The end of the works is planned for March 2017. Joachim Löbe, head of overhead line projects at 50Hertz, stated: "When the work is completed, no trace will be left of our presence here. It is widely known and visible in many locations that we are expanding the electrical grid in view of the energy transition. However, few people know that we are also dismantling infrastructure that is no longer necessary to reduce the impact on the landscape."

The two electricity lines between the substations Magdeburg-Diesdorf and Förderstedt (Salzland district) were built in in the 1930s and 1960s and operated at a voltage of 220 kilovolts (kV). Since October 2016, overhead line technicians have been removing the conductors and earth-wires from the towers over a total length of 56 kilometres and subsequently dismantling 155 towers and foundations. The cables are wound onto drums and the towers are cut into smaller pieces for transport. All components are removed and the materials are reused in accordance with the German Act on Closed Cycle Management and Waste.

The two 220-kV lines are no longer required as the Förderstedt substation and its connector to the 380-kV high-voltage transmission line from Wolmirstedt north of Magdeburg to Ragow near Lübbenau in Brandenburg were put into operation in 2014. The electricity generated by the many high-performance wind turbines south of Magdeburg arrives at this substation through the Avacon distribution system and is transported further to the 50Hertz transmission system.

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