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Video shows development and construction of the compactLine

How 50Hertz and its partners implemented the innovative overhead line design

Video shows development and construction of the compactLine The compactLine near Jessen in Saxony-Anhalt. Copyright: 50Hertz

Since August 2018, the compactLine pilot line near Jessen in Saxony-Anhalt is transporting electricity. 50Hertz has been working on the development, testing and implementation of this space-saving overhead line with several partners since 2013. The video shows the milestones up to the commissioning of the test line.

Technologies from bridge and cableway construction are used for the compactLine, which as a high-performance 380-kilovolt line only requires the space of a 220-kilovolt line. Unlike conventional overhead lines, the conductors of the compactLine are suspended from tightly tensioned steel cables, which means that the masts can be lower. In 2015, the construction method passed a practical test on a test line in Bavaria. 50Hertz also asked some 1,000 people about the designs for the compactLine masts - and realised the favourite variant. The two kilometre long pilot line is now being tested for its suitability for everyday use.


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