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Disclosure of EEG data

On the following pages, you can find all monthly and annual disclosures of renewable energy inputs in the 50Hertz control area, as well as data on renewable energy delivered to final consumers of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH.

Data provision is the key to forecasts, marketing and transparency. It is directly contributing to system security in 50Hertz's control area, in Germany and in Europe.

With approximately € 5 billion spent on EEG compensation (Annual billing, 50Hertz area), billing data and 159,000 EEG installation master data with an installed capacity of 29,000 MW are in the focus of the general public and of associations, universities, research facilities, local authorities and other institutions.

Source: www.netztransparenz.de, as at July 2016

A lot of data has to be processed and disclosed in the framework of EEG management. Which path does the data follow? Who is transmitting it, and who is receiving it?


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