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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the supplier portal

I received log-in data by e-mail but am still unable to sign in. Why?

Possible causes: 
  1. The access data are no longer valid, as the validity period of 90 days has since passed.
  2. To sign in to the supplier portal, you did not use the link from the first e-mail in order to confirm your successful registration, but the link for existing suppliers.
  1. New initial access data have to be generated. To receive these, please send an e-mail to purchasing@50Hertz.com.
  2. Please always follow the link from the e-mail with your user ID when you sign in for the first time and complete the registration process.

I have already created a personal user name and a new password. Why can't I use these to sign in to the supplier portal?

Possible causes: 
  1. To sign in to the supplier portal, you still use the link from the first e-mail to confirm your successful registration.
  2. You may have entered an incorrect password too often, so that your user account was blocked by the system.
  1. After you have successfully signed in for the first time and completed the registration process, you should log in using the link for existing suppliers. You can find it under 'Suppliers' on the 50Hertz tab of the 50Hertz homepage.
  2. The password has to be released by 50Hertz. To have it unblocked, please send an e-mail to purchasing@50Hertz.com..

I can sign in to the portal but cannot find the tabs I need (e.g. orders or tenders). Why?

Possible causes: 
  1. The user does not have the necessary authorisations (roles).
  2. The necessary authorisations (roles) were already granted to the relevant employee, but not yet implemented in the system.
  1. Which tabs you can see in the portal depends on the assigned roles (see manual chapter, „List of Employees"). You can see your authorisations under the „Own Data" tab in the employees menu. The authorisations are managed by the Admin User or by employees with the „Employee Administrator" role as part of their profile.
  2. It can take up to 30 minutes for new authorisations to be added to the employee profile. The implementation is carried out in the background of the system.

I am unable to open the attachments to tenders and purchase orders. Why?

Possible causes:
  1. The pop-up blocker in your internet browser is active.
  2. Your firewall does not allow you to open attachments.
  1. In order to open the documents, you need to deactivate the pop-up blocker. You can do this in the "Tools" menu.
  2. As these are internal settings, please contact your company's IT support.

I am unable to add an attachment to my RFx response. Why?

Possible causes: 
  1. The name of the attachment file is too long.
  2. The attachment file is too big.
  1. The name of the attachment file may not contain more then 64 signs. This includes the path to the file drive. We recommend that you store the document on your desktop before adding the file as attachment.
  2. Attachments which are bigger then 15 MB can not be added. The upload causes an error. The total size of all attachments to one RFx response must not exceed 50 MB

Why did the status of an purchase order I already confirmed change from „Confirmed" to „in Process"?

Possible causes:

The purchaser made changes to the purchase order or added a supplement, and transferred the purchase order change via the portal.


When a changed purchase order or supplement is transferred via the portal, the existing order is replaced. Changed positions or supplement positions need to be reconfirmed.

Why is the confirmation I made listed as „Rejected by Customer" right after I sent it?

Possible causes:

There was an error in your confirmation.


Check the content of your confirmation. If it contains no errors, you need to contact the responsible purchaser. Attention: A confirmation that has already been sent cannot be corrected. A new one needs to be made.

Why do I stay logged in, even though I pressed the „Log off" button and confirmed the question: "Are you sure you want to log off?"

Possible causes:

Your personal browser settings are not configured correctly.


In order to solve the problem, you have to add the 50Hertz website (www.50hertz.com) under "Compatibility View settings" in the "Tools" menu (only available in Internet Explorer).

I cannot find the answer to my question. Who is able to help me?

Please contact the purchasing team by e-mail to purchasing@50hertz.com. We will respond as soon as possible.