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Technology: challenges and innovations

50Hertz is carrying out pioneering work with the connection to the grid of the Baltic Sea offshore wind farms. For the first time, wind farms located far in the Baltic Sea have to be connected with the onshore electricity grid over long distances.

High-voltage submarine cable

The electricity has a long road to follow from the wind farms on the high seas to the transmission system on land. Robust and powerful submarine and land cables ensure the transport of the electricity.

Substation: the socket at sea

The cable connection's starting point is the substation of the wind farm far at sea. The substation bundles the cable connections of all the farms' wind turbines and transforms the voltage from 33 kV to 150 kV for more efficient transmission.

From the offshore wind farm to the onshore transmission grid

Vom Offshore-Windpark ins Übertragungsnetz an Land

Vom Offshore-Windpark ins Übertragungsnetz an Land

Transmission using alternating current

Grid connections in the Baltic Sea generally use alternating current. In addition to the tried-and-tested alternating current technology, direct current transmission is also being researched. The decisive factor is efficiency.

Maintenance by ship and helicopter

Technical installations in the offshore substation have to receive regular maintenance in order to ensure both the safety and the availability of the grid connection. It is not so that all substations can only be reached by ship. Some also have their own helicopter platform.

Technical innovations to protect the climate

For the first time, the grid connections of the offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea allow the transmission of large power volumes over long distances. If wind power is to be transferred to land to be consumed there, the grid connection is a prerequisite.


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