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Substation platform: the socket at sea

The substation platform is the heart of the wind farm. The current of each wind turbine of the wind farm is brought there and transformed to a higher voltage level so that the transmission is more efficient. The current can then be fed into the onshore grid with as little loss as possible.

In comparison to the wind turbines, the platform on which the substation is located is relatively low. While modern windmills can reach a hub height of 100 metres and the rotor tip can even reach a height of 160 metres, the substation only reaches a height of approximately 30 meters above sea level.

The platform weighs several hundreds of tonnes. It is completely assembled onshore and then transported to the high seas by boat. The core component of the transforming station is the transformer.

Substation platform for the Baltic 2 wind farm Substation platform for the Baltic 2 wind farm

Supply, maintenance and emergency shelters on the high seas

The substation platform also serves as a supply station for the wind farm. It does not only cover the wind turbines' own needs. It is the place where the technicians responsible for service and maintenance work and sleep. If in bad weather conditions, the platform cannot be reached by ship or by helicopter, sufficient reserves must be stocked for all employees.

The platform itself is constructed and maintained by the wind farm operator. 50Hertz also uses it to place its technical equipment for the operation of the cable.


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