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Federal sectoral planning started for 380-kV Bertikow-Pasewalk overhead line projects

380 kV overhead line Pasewalk – Bertikow

The 380 kV overhead line between Pasewalk and Bertikow should increase the capacity for electricity transport in the north-eastern part of the 50Hertz control area and guarantee the security of supply in this region for both companies and households following the energy transition. There is already a 220 kV high voltage line between Pasewalk and Bertikow. During gid development, 50Hertz will replace this line with a 380 kV overhead line. For the more powerful 380 kV overhead line, new pylons are constructed on the 40 km long route between the substations of Bertikow in Brandenburg and Pasewalk Nord in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In order to enable the grid connection for a large number of wind turbines operated by Enertrag Netz GmbH, a substation will be built in Pasewalk Nord.

Trassen Bertikow-Pasewalk A 220 kV high voltage line between Pasewalk and Bertikow.

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In the scope of the BESTGRID project, nine European partners, consisting of environmental protection associations and transmission system operators, work together with a research institute to advance understanding of the transmission grid expansion. This grid development project belongs to the four pan-European pilot projects, in which BESTGRID applies innovative forms of public dialogue. Its objective is to improve local and public understanding of the projects and to speed up the approval procedure insofar as possible.

More information about BESTGRID and the 50Hertz pilot project can be found here.