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Purchasing guidelines

Our purchasing policy builds on the basic principles of the UN Global Compact for the respect of human rights, terms of employment, the environment and a strict anti-corruption policy. We therefore ask our suppliers to declare their agreement with the ten principles of the UN's "Global Compact" too. Of course, we also observe all national and international directives.

Based on this, the purchasing guidelines create the framework for all purchasing activities. Given the increasing globalisation of the markets and the growth of our company, we consciously seek to take our social responsibility. The objective of these guidelines is the fulfilment of quality-, cost- and time-related targets in equal measure, so that the most economically viable offer can always be selected.

1. Satisfaction of customers and suppliers
Our purchasing objectives focus on customer demand and customer satisfaction. To achieve these goals, we work together with our partners, applying a cross-divisional and solution-oriented approach, in order to guarantee the best possible combination of function and costs. Reaching quality aims is therefore a prerequisite.

2. Quality control
Reaching quality aims is an indispensable prerequisite.

3. Culture and values
The core values of 50Hertz - performance, reliability, trust and commitment - form the basis for all activities in purchasing. We also want our suppliers to agree with this corporate culture.

4. Environmental awareness and sustainability
We support the use of environment friendly technologies and regularly adapt to new developments. Environmental awareness begins with the selection of our suppliers and service providers. For example we thereby pay attention to existing certifications.

5. Health and safety
A safe operation of our plants is the prerequisite for the protection of the health of our employees and the employees of contractors as well as the general public and has the highest priority for us.

6. Communication
Our aspiration is an open and active dialogue with all our partners and stakeholders.

7. Compliance
50Hertz upholds an active corruption prevention and anti-corruption policy. An external ombudsman was therefore assigned to act as an independent point of contact for all parties who seek to express their suspicions of corruption. The ombudsman is an independent lawyer bound to professional secrecy, who only forwards information to the company with the informant’s permission. He is the point of contact for employees, suppliers, contractors or third parties.

For more information or to contact the ombudsman: http://www.50hertz.com/en/50Hertz/About-us/Governance


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